About us

Praised be our Lord, Jesus Christ!

We are farmers who aim to serve our community locally by offering healthy foods, soaps, holy cards, detentes, Christian prints & other handmade farm goods. We enjoy sharing our journey of living farmlife liturgically on social media and our blog. We hope you enjoy the free faith formation resources on our blog at www.christianstudytools.com which are meant help you share the faith in an affordable manner with the souls in your home, school, church, & those around you in your community. In addition to the free artwork we create for you, we also create Catholic artwork for sale that we print uniquely with custom textures & sizes. If you're interested in purchasing a custom order to be shipped to you, send us a message. If you are reading this, we are praying for you, if you have time please send up a Hail Mary for us as well.

Thank you!

~The Pellegrinis



Follow Jesus.

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