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The devotion to Maria Bambina (in the city of Milan) can be traced back to 1007, the year in which the church of Santa Maria Fulcorina was dedicated to the "mystery of the Nativity of Mary." The church over time advanced to Cathedral of Milan (Saint Mary Major) to which in 1251 Pope Innocent IV granted in perpetuity a plenary indulgence for those who visit the Cathedral of Milan on the feast day of Mary's Nativity (September 8). From this time on Mary's birthday was celebrated with great solemnity. A new and more beautiful church was built whose high altar was consecrated in 1418 by Pope Martin V; the present Dome was consecrated more than one hundred years later by St. Charles Borromeo in 1572 dedicating it officially to the Birth of Mary. Over the main entrance of the cathedral are the words in bronze letters: Mariae Nascenti, which can be roughly translated as 'to the Infant Mary'.

Maria SS Bambina chantilly round paper lace holy card

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