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Praised be Jesus Christ!


Welcome to our Creative Commons Licensing Page.

Please note that at this time, the ONLY images we have released into the Creative Commons will be listed on THIS PAGE ONLY and you will need to "purchase" them on THIS PAGE through our cart for this license to be valid. 

All images "purchased" on this page carry with them a Creative Commons License that allows the "purchaser" to use the image in personal or commercial project with an unlimited quantity of uses. Clearly we expect use of images to be holy and pleasing to the Most Holy Trinity.

We maintain copyright status of all other images on our website including the items we sell, as we have purchased the original vintage artwork from antique dealers all over the world. We photographed our collection, edited it, and reproduced it in print.


We aim to open a museum to display the original historical artwork we have collected and in the future for the Laity to view and enjoy.  

Photographs of the original prints/artworks we have collected are catalogued in our Magazine, Immagini Sacre Magazine

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