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•A detente is a fabric holy card used for reflection in prayer.

•Long before the printing press, Christians made hand-held holy cards on pieces of paper, or embroidered on fabric. Most commonly, an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus or the Immaculate Heart of Mary was drawn or embroidered, & then enthroned somehow with an ornate frame or beading.

These holy cards are carefully constructed and outlast wear much longer than a piece of paper.

•EACH detente is handcrafted in prayer and is meant to inspire the recipient to pray deeply and feel a great love and connection with God. The texture of the card helps create a different experience. The tatted lace is 100% handmade and may vary slightly.

•Most detentes found today are extremely rare and vintage.

•Catholic Printing Press aims to revive this beautiful Catholic tradition of detente making and gifting.

Blessed be the most holy names of Jesus, Mary & Joseph

Blessed be God in His Angels & Saints

The Pilgrim’s Path fabric holy card lace detente

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