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Included, basket, embroidered linen liner, votive jar, 12 votive, 15 medium orthodox tapers all are 100% beeswax candles, handmade in the USA. It is customary to bring this basket to mass on candlemas to be blessed by the priest at mass. It is also tradition to have 100% beeswax taper sick call set candles in the basket. Sick call candles are lit at the bedside of the sick or dying. One meets the priest at the door with a lit candle in hand. “ St. Anselm […] bids us to consider three things in the blessed Candle: the wax, wick, and the flame. The wax, he says, which is the production of the virginal bee, is the Flesh of our Lord; the wick, which is within, is His Soul; the flame, which burns on the top, is his Divinity. Formerly, the faithful looked upon it as an honor to be permitted to bring their wax tapers to the Church, on this Feast of the Purification, that they might be blessed together with those which were to be borne in the procession by the Priests and sacred Ministers; and the same custom is still observed in some congregations. It would be well if Pastors were to encourage this practice, retaining it where it exists, or establishing it where it is not known. There has been such a systematic effort made to destroy, or at least impoverish, the exterior rites and practices of religion, that we find throughout the world, thousands of Christians who have been insensibly made strangers to those admirable sentiments of faith, which the Church alone, in her Liturgy, can give to the body of the faithful. Thus, we shall be telling many what they have never heard before, when we inform them that the Church blesses the candles, not only to be carried in the Procession, which forms part of the ceremony for Candlemas, but also for the use of the faithful, inasmuch as they draw upon such as use them with respect, whether on sea or on land, as the Church says in the Prayer, special blessings from heaven. These blessed Candles ought also to be lit near the bed of the dying Christian, as a symbol of the immortality merited for us by Christ, and of the protection of our Blessed Lady.” (from the Sisters of Carmel website)

Candlemas Basket

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