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The inscription that can be found on most images of Saint Gertude which was something our Lord shared with Saint Mechtilde about the closeness He had with Saint Gertrude which reads “Invenies Me in corde Gertudis” which is translated: “You shall find Me in the heart of Gertrude.” We purchased this original vintage lithograph in france in order to recreate it for you. Pressed in house in the USA. Not many saints are referred to as "The Great". The ones who are are worth getting to know. This is my personal favorite image of St Gertrude. I photoshopped the damage of the public domain version of this image. Printed on canvas. Exterior of frame measures 5.25" x 6.8". Pressed in house in the USA. Frame is quality, with glass, very sturdy velvet backing. frame imported.

Saint Gertrude the Great Baroque Canvas Framed Print

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